Virtual Secretarial Services

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Do You Need a Virtual Assistant?


Who can benefit from using a Virtual PA?

As this is a flexible service, many businesses can benefit. These can include start-ups who do not have the funding or work load for an employee, private individuals who need to organise events,  or large businesses looking for new business solutions.

What are the key benefits of using Virtual Amici?

Some key benefits:

*No more time consuming admin

*You can free up your valuable time and concentrate more on your business

*We can help during busy periods

*You can change the hours you use us from month to month

*There is no need to employ a permanent member of staff

*There is no need to provide office space or equipment

*You can forget about sickness absence, holidays and PAYE .– you just pay for the hours we do

Any Disadvantages?

We can’t make you a cup of tea!

Do I have to pay for a minimum number of hours?

Except for an Ad Hoc basis (which carries a minimum of two hours), we work as flexibly as possible to fit in with your need. We can tailor packages to suit. For example, a package with us for 10 hours a month – can be used as two hours one week, three the next, four the next and one the last week.

I am concerned about confidentiality – can you alleviate my worries?

We are happy to sign a confidentiality agreement if requested.

How do I make a start with Virtual Amici?

Please contact us, we would love to help you.

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