Whether you prefer a one-off task basis or more guaranteed monthly hours you will find our rates are extremely competitive.  

Ad hoc basis: 

Our standard rate for work on an ad hoc basis is £30 per hour – with a minimum of 2 hours.



Monthly Retainer Package:

If you prefer to have an ongoing arrangement, why not sign up for a monthly guaranteed number of hours. From 10 hours up to 20 hours per month at a rate of £25 per hour.




At your place


You may need some attendance at your office instead of virtually – for instance taking meeting minutes, we can offer two rates:


For an ad hoc basis the charge will be £25 per hour, plus reasonable travel expenses – depending on distance and by prior agreement.



Our Day Rate

We can offer a day rate based on a normal 8 hour business day – and this is at a rate of £180.

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